Féile an Fiasco

In the recent weeks we have seen the fiasco surrounding the ‘community’ Féile. It’s important that people understand that there is always two sides to every story, well in this case three – Féile an Phobail, the media and the protesters.


I believe that An Féile can no longer be deemed a community festival, the reasoning behind that is simple, the involvement of the PSNI. The ‘Police Force’ that is endorsed by the festival is the same force that implements British rule within working class Nationalist/Republican communities and attacks anyone who dare challenge the status quo.

Puppet Minister Martin McGuinness and PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton

As a Socialist Republican, my natural instinct is to challenge the elite, corruption and this oppressive state. This places me, fellow comrades and like-minded thinkers in the headlights of the state and the PSNI. Political activists are subjected to vindictive harassment, our children terrorised and our homes raided for no other reason than for having a political opinion.


Using these tactics and through Anti-Terror legislation the PSNI can also arrest and intern activists – this has been a crucial weapon in Britain’s policies of Criminalisation and Normalisation which can be seen throughout Ireland’s history.  For this reason An Féile segregates part of the community by extending invitations and endorsing the PSNI.


The points stated above is why I stand with the protesters opposed to PSNI involvement in An Féile. However, the way in which the protests/propaganda have been conducted has not been done so with dignity nor respect. The media has been quick to jump on the bandwagon and to exacerbate the issue. I fully understand that no threat has been made to An Féile or its staff, however how is possible for staff to not feel threatened?

PSNI gunmen let a young child handle a machine gun – Falls Park 2016

A ‘Community Notice’ that was been issued throughout West Belfast could have easily turned the community against workers of An Féile who live within those areas, especially those who have had their names included. It also allowed the media to run rampant and to discredit the reasoning behind the protests. We should not let the media hinder us, nor should we worry about the lies and propaganda that it spouts, however we should worry about is the effect it can have on the very communities we are trying to protect, as members of the community may alienate themselves from the protesters. A revolutionary vehicle cannot be built on fear, or as a separate entity from the community – revolution is community.


I believe genuine discussion and dialogue is needed between the community, protesters and Féile an Phobail. Also there should be an attempt to gauge the possibility and likelihood of an alternative festival and whether or not this is feasible.




Easter and the Revolutionary Vehicle

As per usual, over the last week I have attended several commemorations to remember those who gave their lives in pursuit of the Republic. Being the centenary year of the Easter rising these commemorations had a bit more importance. Some were pageantry, some were revisionist, some were militarist, some were counter revolutionary and some failed to deviate from the principles enshrined in the 1916 proclamation.  Ultimately each group strived to push their politics to the fore, claim legitimacy over the struggle and claim the mantle of the Republican movement.

For me Easter was met with mixed emotions, joy, hope, optimism but also sadness and disappointment. Despite Republicanism being renowned for its history of splits Republicanism has never been so factionalised and we have never been further from the socialist Republic envisaged by Connolly. This is all thanks to the constitutional nationalists and the once proud Provisional movement. I watched as their leaders pushed past, bullied and eye balled those paying their respects at the D Coy commemoration, shame on them.

The Shinners can pull in the crowds, dress in period costumes and talk about revolution but they are far from revolutionary. They have done more damage to the struggle and set it back just as much as the many counter revolutionaries over the last 100 years, Free Staters and Brits.

I had to prevent myself from throwing up as I watched Free Staters pay lip service to 1916, the same establishment that proudly hung Republicans. I could not believe the volume of people who somehow believed that the Free State commemoration was in some way legitimate or even right.

I also observed commemorations of masked men who spout the same old rhetoric and the same old battle cry. I will never condemn those who view political violence as a means to an end but at this point it is counter-productive to the struggle. Despite being a progressive people we continually repeat history, methods and the same failed politics of the past.

Although there are bars up and down the country full of arm chair republicans and young people who think it is trendy to shout ‘up the RA’ and undoubtedly the IRA exists, and rightfully so, but in this point in our struggle we do not need the IRA or a war. Of course ‘Ireland unfree shall never be at peace’ but does that mean that it is us that continually wage war or do we adapt and change methods to counter the occupier and enhance our struggle in current conditions?

I stood baffled for the call to create a political vehicle that is anti-imperialist, socialist and anti-capitalist. Does that vehicle not already exist? Any political vehicle that emerges from the IRA will be one that is subservient to the army, merely a mouthpiece, is this democratic or a structure that we would wish to establish in the socialist Republic?

Without a doubt a lot of work needs to be done to rebuild the revolutionary movement but a revolutionary political vehicle already exists. A revolutionary body exists that provides an alternative to the constitutional nationalists and the status quo and an alternative to the failed politics of the past. One that does not involve a young person putting on a mask but to be involved in positive community politics, engaged in the socialist republican struggle that organises in the open, engages in debate, self-critique and organises, builds and develops socialist ideals and practices at grassroots and community level.

Only by the building of a radical mass social movement will we begin to deconstruct this state, it will be done in the open and not behind a mask. We need to counter the normalisation strategy and oppression that our people and nation endure but by peaceful means. We need to expose harassment, interment, occupation and corruption but by peaceful means. Surely it is more productive to show the world the ugly face of the coloniser as shown to the world on Bloody Sunday in Derry.

Let’s continue to adapt our thinking, methods and strategy as progressive people. A peaceful revolutionary alternative exists. It is the duty of every socialist republican to find their home and place in the struggle but comrades do not build another, the vehicle already exists. I proudly walked in support of the vehicle on Easter Monday in Belfast.

Beirigí bua!

Moore Street – A Revolutionary Spark

Moore Street – A Revolutionary Spark

The first week of 2016 has been one of inspiration. Communists, Anarchists, Republicans, Lefties, Gaeilgeoirí, musicians and those concerned about historical revisionism came together in resistance to the demolition of the last stand of the 1916 rising, the Moore Street terrace. Those of various political beliefs have travelled from all corners of the country, and further afield, to show solidarity with those occupying the terrace. It is inspiring to know that in time of need, despite our differences that we will unite under a common banner. I am certain that when the revolution arrives on our doorstep that we will be met with the same unity. Just like the various organisations that fought in the rising.

Moore Street is historically significant as it is where the leaders of the rising surrendered, present at the time of surrender were five of the signatories of the proclamation.

It is ironic that the demolition of site of such historical significance was to take place in the centenary year of the 1916 rising. It speaks volumes for the Free State government and that their interest in commemorating those men and women who sacrificed everything to face off British Imperialism and occupation, for those Free Staters it is nothing but a face saving exercise, they have nothing in common with those who had the backbone to stand up and fight.

Protesters in Moore Street



Those who are currently occupying the Moore Street terrace are the ones who are truly following in the footsteps of the 1916 revolution. They are the ones who rightfully inherit the memory of 1916, you will not find any Free Stater in that building.

Despite the historical significance of Moore Street it presently represents the resistance to the Ireland that the Free Staters wish to create. One that would take private enterprise over public interest, one that would take private development over historical and national significance.

To demolish the national monument would be a crime by the Free State, property speculators and the capitalists against the Irish people. Continued support and solidarity needs to be shown to the occupiers of Moore Street and we need to assist them as much as possible. We cannot allow the counter revolutionaries to hijack the memory of revolution in our country, we cannot let them demolish nor revise it.

As 2016 goes forward we all need to reflect and ask ourselves, what kind of Ireland do we wish to create and what are we willing to do to make that a reality?

Let 2016 be the year of revolution and victory, lets continue to proceed as we have started.


Historical Revisionism – A blight to the left, and a detriment to the future!


We are proud to announce that our first post of 2016 is from the latest addition to the Belfast Marxist team, Iskra. 

Historical Revisionism- A blight to the left, and a detriment to the future!

With 2015 coming to a close, and the approach to the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising edging ever closer, we should all be conscious to the plague of historical revisionism that has been, and will be fed to us by bourgeois spin-doctors and their obedient ‘academics’ in our schools and Universities.

What is historical revisionism comrades? Simplistically; it is the gross distortion of history by the bourgeoisie, perpetuated in order to serve their own class agenda. Ultimately, in the vast arsenal of the ruling class, it is their greatest weapon in subduing the minds of the workers. How so? Well if I may be so bold as to quote both a tout and a man who himself arguably engaged in historical revisionism, it was George Orwell who most succinctly identified the utility of revisionism in his novel ‘1984’ when he wrote that “he who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”. The ability of the bourgeoisie to dictate the hegemonic perception of historical events grants them the ability to pacify the conscious of the workers by denying them the fervour of a revolutionary legacy from which they may receive inspiration and encouragement. They (the bourgeoisie) use it also to mask their atrocities; to conceal their complicity in genocide and imperial war.

Long have we all been taught of the Irish ‘Famine’, or told of the history of ‘the troubles’. The British are masters at concealing the plethora of rebellions they have suppressed through bloody massacres and the systematic annihilation of populations they deemed lesser or sub-human. By dismissing an almost 30 year war by Irish revolutionaries against foreign occupation as merely ‘a bit of trouble’, they not only insult the memory of the lives lost during the war, but also delegitimise what was a justified campaign for liberation from the malignant hand of British imperialism. By denying what was in reality a genocidal period as an unfortunate natural disaster, we are ignoring the historic reality how the British colonised, dehumanised and criminalized the Irish like they did to the Arabs and Africans. While a potato blight undoubtedly occurred in Ireland during 1845-51, the same blight (which originated in America) existed across Britain, yet it was only the Irish who experienced a ‘famine’. Why? Because the Irish weren’t reaping massive agricultural produce from Britain by gun point in the name of ‘laissez-faire’, or using the ‘Poor Law’ to evict British tenants even in the dead of winter to die in the streets or perish in coffin ships. When we purport the myth of the ‘Great Irish Famine’, we are extinguishing a fire from which we receive the authority to evict the despotic entity of Britain from Ireland.

Let us instead remember the brave women and men of 1916 and beyond for who they truly were, comrades who fought for the liberation of all, ‘catholic, protestant and dissenter’, believing that the British government had “no right in Ireland… and can never have any right in Ireland’ (-James Connolly). But let us also not forget who forfeited them a right to remain in Ireland through their treaties and negotiations, for it will be them (the pseudo-republicans and elites in power) who will attempt to preach to us what the rising intended and how justified they are as its predecessors. Instead let us decry them as Pearse did: and confess that whoever “in the name of Ireland accepts anything less by one iota than complete separation from England” is guilty of an “Immense crime against the Irish Nation”. Moreover let us deplore those who purport laughable assertions denying the anti-capitalist and anti-monarch credentials of the rising in order to justify the appearance of parasites at commemorations.

Comrades, we must combat the revisionists through our own media, we must organise our own commemorations to celebrate the true meaning of the rising; which was the belief that we the people are justified in striking for our own freedom, and struggling to create an independent and socialist Ireland that is free from occupation and exploitation; in which royal parasites, fascists and plutocratic privilege are not welcomed. Comrades, as we leave behind the year of betrayal that was 2015, let us now stand steadfast in the centenary year of the peoples rising and commit ourselves to continuing the struggle reignited on that Easter Monday in Dublin 1916.

Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh,


2015 – A Year of Betrayal

2015 was a year of political excitement, optimism and disappointment.

The beginning of 2015 was one of hope, unions made the rallying cry to reject the Stormont House Agreement and defend our class and our public services. As forecast at the time the Union used its power to quash any dissent and alternative voice that opposed the agreement. They attempted to organise in local communities, something completely alien to them and gave hope to those who would suffer at the expense of the Stormont House Agreement. The union done well in organising and rallying the troops for their rally in the Belfast city centre in March (something that they are good at). Despite the war cry on that day the Unions took a back seat, their roar no longer to be heard and our local communities left voiceless yet again, betrayed and demoralised. The false pledge of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions can be found on http://www.ictuni.org/news/2015/03/13/m13-nicictu-statement-for-strike-rallies/

In the summer months we had the killing of Jock Davison, a well respected Republican and community worker, killed in his own community by criminals. Later in the summer Kevin McGuigan was killed resulting in another smokescreen or what the media and politicians term as another ‘crisis’ in Stormont. These latest round of talks that they are usually described as allowed the Stormont parties to plead for more scraps from the occupiers table, the end product being ‘The Fresh Start Agreement’, the Stormont House Agreement Mark 2 and another betrayal of the working class. At a time of austerity, rising unemployment and poverty our politicians yet again chose to line their own pockets in fear that Stormont might fall and hand powers back to the Tories, gone are the days of the Smash Stormont slogans by the constitutionalists. There are no great roars from the toothless tiger of the unions this time, no organising in the local community, there is no rallying of our class!

In a world riddled with conflict and exploitation we recently welcomed Syrian refugees on to Irish shores, I had the privilege of meeting one. We need to continue to stand in solidarity with all oppressed peoples, fight racism and open up our borders to those who are in need.

As we enter 2016 we need to bear in mind those who have betrayed us, these will be the same people who will revise the revolution of 1916 and hijack same. The memory of 1916 does not belong to the political elites for political or capital interests but to the working class who throughout every conflict have fought on the front lines, used as cannon fodder then are threw to the foot notes of history while the elites claim the glory. We hope that 2016 will see the emergence and shift in popular support to new, more radical movements that really strive for the ideals of the men and women who supported, fought and died in the revolution of 1916, one that is disciplined, articulate and driven.

Despite being a bleak year politically it has been one of growth, expansion and development for Belfast Marxist. Belfast Marxist now consists of three writers and our readership has expanded 8 fold from the previous year. Although the bulk of our readership comes from the Western world such as North America, Europe and Australia our blog has been read in over 50 countries worldwide.

In 2016 we plan to continue to develop Belfast Marxist, take on more writers and increase our readership 10 fold on 2015. We will continue to provide a critical voice to the status quo, Marxist analysis, write on a wide variety of areas and to write more frequently. We also hope to expand into the local media in 2016 and we have some new innovative ideas to encourage other amateur Marxist writers to enhance their writing abilities and to write on the things that matter to them.

We hope that when reporting at the end of 2016 that it is a year of success and victory.

To all our readers and comrades we send revolutionary greetings, Go raibh míle maith agaibh!








The mighty PR machine of Sinn Fein has been in overdrive over the last week as they attempt to spin the Stormont House Agreement 2.0 as a good deal and a fresh start for those of us who are living in occupied territories. Undoubtedly they do a good job at spinning their lies, after all they are well use to spinning defeats and selling them as victories. This is the party that has sold the surrender of 2006 as victory and is the same party that protested against Royal visits while party leadership wined and dined with British Royalty. We all know that they are fond of the frequent U turn now again, as seen in this latest debacle.

Despite all the spin and lies it is clear that the community are rejecting this deal, a deal that will have drastic implications for us all and will plummet our communities in to further poverty and deprivation. Over the last number of days Belfast Marxist has received several photos by those who have taken action against the deal. The two photos I have included in this post is paint thrown over a billboard promoting the deal in Andersonstown and the other is a mural on the International Wall on the Lower Falls.

No matter what Sinn Fein say or do or what lies they print this deal is not a fresh start for working class people, this deal is bad, corrupt and only serves the interests of big business. Sinn Fein and the DUP have accepted a lowering of corporation tax for big business and have also handed the powers of welfare reform back to the Tory government, the capitalists will be rubbing their greasy hands!

In accepting this deal our politicians have only looked after their own selfish interest, in fear of losing their artificial power within Stormont they refused to walk away and conceded to the Tories. West Belfast remains one of the most deprived areas in the North of Ireland and Britain, the acceptance of this deal will only see things get worse for all of us. Sinn Fein should have stood up for the working class and rejected this deal, if the Tories didn’t compromise they should’ve walked away. Sinn Fein decided to maintain their position in Stormont and accepted welfare reform and gave powers to a fascist Tory government, the irony in so called republicans giving powers to the Brits is unbelievable.

Now more than ever I know that I have made the right decisions and I am critical of the right people, I am standing on the right side of history. Sinn Fein who was built on the backs of working class people who sacrificed their lives and liberty are now used and abused to build an empire.

Remember, no matter what the Shinners say or do, this agreement will have a damaging affect on our class. Our health service, education system, benefits, workers, we will feel the impact of this agreement and we will become poorer as big business get richer all thanks to our friends in Sinn Fein and the DUP. Remember this when you are struggling to find work, to put food on your table, pay the bills or look after your family. Remember when you are waiting in A&E or when you are saying goodbye to a friend or loved one who is forced to emigrate in search of work.

So as the strong stance and war cry in opposition to Tory cuts has faded just like their mural above remember the next time you see a public talk advertised, a picket or you are in a polling booth that it was our local politicians who betrayed us and who have attacked the working class by assisting the Tory regime.


Lest We Forget


Lest we forget

The Ulster Defence Association(UDA), an organisation that is responsible for at least 300 murders, and the majority of them innocent members of Nationalist communities. Some of the worst atrocities had been committed by the UDA e.g. The Greysteel Massacre, Sean Graham Bookmakers Massacre and many more. Every murder carried out by these cowards is as sick as the last, and now when it comes to the families achieving justice they are met with red tape as many UDA members were also Mi5 agents – especially those in command e.g. Brian Nelson, a member of the Force Research Unit(FRU) which was involved in nearly 200 murder plots.

On 13th November Sinn Féin welcomed two UDA leaders into our community, Jackie McDonald and Colin Halliday. The idea that this sort of interaction is progressive is ludicrous, it was only in July this year that both men attended the funeral of Colin Lindsay which had a UDA/UFF colour party, also McDonald can be clearly seen wearing a UDA tie. Also in August of this year Colin Halliday defended a parade along the Ormeau Road which glorified UDA commander Joe Bratty who was responsible for the Sean Graham Bookmakers Massacre. He even threatened that the parade may be “bigger and better next year”, and the very fact that these two gangsters had been invited into the heart of West Belfast is not only sickening but is a complete insult to the families who have lost loved ones at the hands of these murderers.

The event had been hosted in the Roddy McCorley Club, and to say the least it shocked not only myself but also many residents I spoke to about it, many of whom claimed they would never set foot in the club again. I came across many posts on Facebook from residents who were sickened by this, one that struck my eye had been a letter wrote by éirígí Belfast spokesperson Pádraic Mac Coitir who had explained he has yet to receive a response from the club. Im truly interested in whether or not they do respond and what exactly their response will be, Im also curious to know whether or not Sinn Féin had contacted the community to make us aware of such a meeting. I could discuss how far Sinn Féin have gone to appease loyalism however this act speaks for itself, for nearly a week now the image of McDonald and Halliday sitting in front of the Irish Tricolour has been hard to shake, and even worse to imagine the disgust that fallen volunteers would have felt.

Therefore lest we forget all the innocent victims and volunteers murdered by these scumbags who sat cosy under our very noses with the same people who are paid to represent our communities. Shame, Shame, Shame.


The Disgruntled Dissident


The Disgruntled Dissident

The middle aged disgruntled dissident, a delinquent hell bent on destroying anything that is good. An anti-community element, cop hater and Sinn Fein basher. He is unwilling to change with the times and is stuck in the past. A supporter of militant armed republicanism with a narrow nationalist mind set. The disgruntled dissident can be seen in the darkness of night calling the cops with another elaborate hoax or leaving a crude but viable device in the form of a lynx can attached with fire work outside our local schools. The ranks of the dissidents are filled with touts and highly infiltrated by MI5.

It is hard to believe that these people live among us within our community. The disgruntled dissident is a myth, drawn up by the media, the spooks and the constitutionalists to demonise any of us who are opposed to the status quo, the state and the institutions of capitalism, imperialism and occupation. Those who do seek to create a different and new Ireland are put in the one box, they are all the same head bangers, and they are all tarred with the one brush. Within the dissident camp there are many different organisations and individuals with many different views and methods. Republican dissidents cover the whole political spectrum so it is impossible to put them all under the one umbrella like the media do.

BUT…. The question needs to be ask…. Is being a dissenter really a bad thing?

The official Oxford definition of a dissident is a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state. With this definition in mind being a dissident sounds like a good thing, those who resist authoritarianism and occupation.

For me personally, I have been labelled a dissident on a fairly regular basis. Originally I seen it as an insult and something to be ashamed about, now I see it as a badge of honour. I am proud to stand in opposition to all that is wrong in our society.

I want to see an Ireland built upon equality and public ownership, one that is free from corruption and the people decide their own destiny’s. An Ireland where the natural resources are invested back into the state in the interest of the nation’s citizens and not that of multinational corporations. I would like to see an end to war and division whether that be the Brits and their death squads patrolling our streets, civil war, internal divisions and sectarian divides. A state that truly looks after the interests of its people, free education from child care to university and a free health care system. A home for every family and a job for all able citizens.

The means that I believe this can be achieved is not at the barrel of a gun. Through politicization and mobilisation of our class we can achieve great things. By organising as a class and exposing the state for what it is we can gradually remove the power that they hold within our communities. An organised community is strong, let’s begin to build the Republic.

If this makes me a knuckle dragger then I am proud to be a DISGRUNTLED DISSIDENT!!!

Out of the Ashes Arose….The People


Out of the ashes arose……the People.

I’ve seen some things that others, given the choice, would rather have avoided. I’ve borne witness to events that I’d rather, would not have passed. But as a young lad of just 29 summers, I’m one of the lucky ones – I didn’t have to bear witness to the worst of ‘the troubles’, as it’s known by those who want to avoid the definition of ‘war’.

My first memories of the war begin probably in the early 90’s. Seeing columns of foreign troops walk along your street, rifles shouldered, and battle ready was normal. Every child was warned by angry parents, “don’t talk to the f*ckin’ peelers”. This of course didn’t stop you from looking through the scope of an SA80 assault rifle when given the opportunity by a ‘friendly’ British Soldier playing ‘hearts and minds’ with the local children. Those same soldiers, false faces left at the barracks, later threatened to shoot members of my family, including me. As a child in Ireland, you learned quickly not to trust an Englishman, especially one wearing combat fatigues.

In later years I remember, at even such a young age, watching tentatively as McGuinness and Adams strolled the carpark of government buildings, I knew (but didn’t know) the gravity of the situation.

What followed these years is, arguably, the greatest defeat ever sustained by republicans in Ireland, and after probably the longest period of sustained conflict in our history. What makes it all the more bitter, for some, is that the flag of surrender, raised above Connolly House so proudly in the month of July 2005, had the words ‘VICTORY’ and ‘UNDEFEATED’ written in copious enough quantity to disguise the white of the flag.

The peoples guns, entrusted to the Provisional Army Council, were handed over en masse to a foreign government, who wilfully televised their destruction. The British institutions of that state would become the new frontier for the establishment of ‘the Republic’. Like Connolly and Pearse, walking up the steps to the GPO, so did Adams and McGuinness take to the steps of Stormont, and instead of stopping to declare a new Republic, one that might have cherished all the children of the nation equally, they just walked on in.

And that was it. History stopped for the Provisional movement. They had attempted, like so many before them, to bring ‘republicanism’ to the masses, but by the time they got there, the bag was empty.

Almost two decades since the signing of ‘The Good Friday Agreement’ not much has changed.  You now see the odd ministerial car knocking about the Falls Road, and a Ferrari or two, but the poverty statistics remain the same.

But there is hope yet. And I am as sure of past events, as I am of the future.

As partition digs its way into oblivion, taking with it the twin economies of the two failed States it created, upon the fresh soil it shovels out behind it, the people will build a new society; a new Ireland; a new economic system with its roots in the Easter Proclamation of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil of the Irish Republic. Gone will be the moneylenders and the landlords – gone will be that great threat to the people of this island: Imperialism, and all its selfish interests, marginalised and pushed back to the shores from whence it came.

‘Economic sovereignty’ and ‘international solidarity’ will be the rallying cry of the Irish people as they become the masters of their own destiny. The eyes of the world will turn to this small green isle, as it takes its place among the nations of the earth, and watch with bated breath as takes its first strides forward in the name of humanity.

It’s inevitable.

Women and the third Intifada


Women and the third Intifada

Throughout the past three weeks we have seen a rise in Israeli aggression towards the Palestinian peoples, the term aggression being used lightly as in reality its genocide. Of all the horrible images and footage being released by various news outlets, social media etc the most striking has been the mobilisation of Palestinian women.

The female protesters are not just the students or the activists, they are women from all ages and with different backgrounds. They are standing side by side with their brothers and comrades in an attempt to repel foreign occupation and stop the injustice of the populace. They are fighting on the frontlines and engaging in riots, collecting rocks, distributing water and organising marches – this is a social revolution in its own right. In previous Intifada’s women had been involved, however their social and political position within society remained the same, although today it seems women have addressed their position within society and aligned it with national liberation.


Here at home women have played a huge role in the struggle for self determination with the formation of Na Fianna hÉireann by Constance Markievicz (and others). There was also the formation of Inghinidhe na hÉireann (Daughters of Ireland) which later evolved into Cumann na mBan – all of which were crucial to the 1916 rising and later movements.

Before the 1917 revolution in Russia, women made up half the labour force and on International Women’s Day 1917 women textile workers had gone on strike. As a result the workers elected delegates to represent women workers. The October Revolution brought about equal pay, paid maternity leave and also the right to vote – even futher by the end of November 1917 there had been 500 delegates representing 80,000 women factory workers.

The fight for women’s liberation still continues today in different countries throughout the world, we can see the flame is lit in Palestine and it will grow untill all ineqaulities are eroded. Viva La Palestine.