The PSNI and Their Collaborators


From one keyboard warrior to another. I write this post in response to a debate with Twitters @TraGearrFear and Sinn Fein’s Keith Haughian. 140 characters on Twitter is too little room for proper discussion and debate.

Tra Gearr began by stating that our new writer, Seanchaí, post is without substance. Seanchaís point is based upon his own opinion, that the PSNI is cut from the same cloth as the RUC and that both are the same despite a change in uniform and a change in name. Despite being based upon experience and opinion I share the same view as Seanchaí. Tra Gearr and Keith Haughians agenda is basically to defend their failed strategy of trying to reform an irreformable foreign body or ‘put manners into the PSNI’.

Seanchaí also points out the PSNI have a Gaelic football team, which they do, that they harass republicans and carry out stop and searches, which they do, and that this is imbalanced and sectarian, which they are. So what points are without substance?

Without a doubt the PSNI have the same interest as the RUC and we as Irish citizens or our political reps living in occupied territories cannot hold them to account. Our community police recently raided Short Strand community centre and they also detained Bobby Storey, one of Keiths leaders. I have chose these two because they are relevant examples to Tra Gearr and Keith but these are only two examples of the hundreds of violations that are carried out by the PSNI on a daily basis.

Seanchaí signs off by saying the Sinn Fein work hand in hand with the PSNI and also defend them. The debate with Keith strengthened this argument but Sinn Fein assist the PSNI with their normailisation policy by bringing them into local communities and events with young children in order to win hearts and minds. Anyone who allows armed gunmen near young children is an idiot, their are many within Sinn Fein.

Collaborators such as Keith Haughian and the rest within Sinn Fein advise people to inform. Seanchaí is right, people should raise their voices in opposition to injustice wherever it is found. They should raise their voices in opposition to collaborators.

The debate with Keith Haughian and Tra Gearr is collaborators trying to justify and defend themselves. Those who have veered so far in to the camp of the enemy now try to justify their actions, defend the enemy, felonset and attempt to criminalise the good guys, history has a funny habit of repeating itself.

Tra Gearr took the ignorant position that he has experienced ‘ALL’ forms of RUC harassment and therefore he inherits the right to critique and everyone else is irrelevant. He advocates ‘support and actively rework for a better service’. Firstly, the PSNI are a force and provide no service for our community, their interest is merely selfish. Secondly, forces of occupation cannot be reformed, Tra Gearr stating that they need reformed clearly shows that he realises that they haven’t changed. A ‘new Ireland’ will not be created with the assistance of those who uphold and enforce foreign laws in Ireland and by those with the sole aim of protecting the orange state and the establishment.

Tra Gearr asked how I would police the North, clearly looking for some militaristic or typical ‘dissident’ response. At this stage Baby Shinner and cop lover Eoin McShane jumped on the band wagon. I was told I was insane for suggesting community empowerment. Even if we lived in the Socialist Republic and had a perfect police service, we should always aspire to community empowerment. We lack a police service here so when asked what’s the alternative to the police I am baffled as we have never had one. The PIRA acted as a interim police service for our communities and kept anti social behaviour and drugs at bay but Sinn Fein disbanded that organisation. This is strengthened by the fact that drugs are rampant within our communities but the PSNI are more interested in harassing and detaining community activists.

I agree with Tra Gearr that without question the PSNI have no shoot to kill policy, they aren’t attacking mourners and they aren’t colluding with Loyalists to kill civilians. Despite this the aim of the PSNI does remain the same as that of the RUC, to uphold foreign laws, protect the status quo and the orange state. The tactic now used is a friendly one with the same deadly affect, normailisation and infiltration. A police force with a smile welcomed in by the collaborators to silently wreak havoc in our communities through intimidation, harassment and internment.

Keith says I am out of touch with reality and what goes on on the ground. I am well aware with what goes on, I work with and for my class on a daily basis. The reality is that crime is on the rise, the PSNI intimidate, harass and detain republicans and continue to attempt to recruit the most vulnerable within our communities as informants. They continue to facilitate orange and illegal marches and hold our communities ransom from the barrel of a gun. Our communities have been betrayed by revolutionaries in suits turned collaborators.

Ardoyne is only one example of the unchanged nature of the PSNI in practice with the constant and daily harassment of republicans and community activists.

The PIRA have certainly disbanded but the RUC haven’t gone away you know!!!



Seanchaí and the PSNI


Introducing the latest writer to the Belfast Marxist team, Seanchaí, giving his views of the PSNI as they launch their recruitment drive. Seanchaí is a young political activist from West Belfast. If you are interested in writing for Belfast Marxist get in touch via

I was raised in Andersontown West Belfast, it was and still is a huge Nationalist/Republican area. Due to socialisation I quickly discovered my republican roots and the history of my peoples, however it was as an adolescent that I began to read in-depth the writings of James Connolly. This later involved into various Marxist theorists, and from this I was able to visualize where i stood on the political spectrum.

I experienced very little of ‘The Troubles’, however from the few memories I do have they are very distinctive. I was roughly 6 years old when the RUC had disbanded, I’ll never forget how they patrolled the streets. Some would argue there has been many changes implemented due to the Patten Enquiry, however as child the only thing that changed for me was the colour of their uniforms. People often argue that we have a ‘police service’ and would encourage others to accept this view, I hold the same view as i did as a child – what has changed?

Yes they are now called the PSNI, yes there is now a PSNI Gaelic team and we now have a Police Ombusdmen which sits members of Nationalist parties. Even though we have had these changes the PSNI continually harrass our communities, they conduct raids, they use Stop and Search tactics on a daily basis. How can our communities accept this type of ‘Policing’ when residents within our communities are subjected to blatant sectarian harrassment and indimidation.

All members of the public need to make their voices heard when it comes to political policing regardless of your beliefs. Sinn Feín endorse the PSNI, work hand in hand with the PSNI, defend the PSNI and this is evident as their silence on these matters is deafening. Regardless of your political views if there is a protest, a march or even if its yourself on social media make your voice heard!


The Stormont in Crisis Card


Yet again we have another ‘crisis’ within the Stormont administration. The latest crisis being sparked by the killing of Kevin McGuigan, whipped up by the media, and sending Stormont into turmoil. Politicians hungry for political success all try to spin this latest farce in their favour, party politicking and making U turns at every corner.

Is Stormont really in another crisis? Is this false peace that we live in on the brink of disaster and if our politicians don’t find a speedy solution or a quick fix are we going to be plunged in to the darkness of the bad auld days? The answer is no. The reality is that tomorrow is another day and regardless of the outcome things here will remain the same, the only thing that will change will be who will get the most crumbs from the table in this latest round of talks.

Regardless of who comes out on top we are still firmly in the grasp of imperialism, capitalism, Britain and it is ultimately they who will pull the strings and who will dictate.

What the last number of weeks has shown is the lack of tangible power that the constitutional nationalists within Sinn Fein have. Sinn Fein over the last decade have used all their leverage in pursuit of electoral success and constitutional power but they are running out of bargaining chips.

We have seen the constitutionalists fully endorse Britians militia in Ireland, they gave up the Provisional IRAs weapons and they even disbanded that organisation. This has left the ‘Stormont in Crisis’ card as the only one to be played, Sinn Fein is a toothless tiger. The disbandment and surrender of the PIRA has been held up as a bastion of success and victory, the Baby Shinners were celebrating this victory on the anniversary of defeat last month, but in reality it has left communities defenceless and former combatants vulnerable of attack by criminal elements as seen in the case of Jock Davision.

I am not a gambler but if I were I would bet that the Provisional IRA had nothing to do with the McGuigan killing. The reason being that the PIRA does not exist and Sinn Fein would not allow such an organisation to exist as it might jeopardise their ‘peace strategy’. The whole situation has been sensationalised in order to create another manufactured crisis to keep our puppet politicians busy.

Despite having constitutional power the Shinners are weak. This has been demonstrated with their good friends within the PSNI arresting several key Sinn Fein players in the last week including Bobby Storey.

Since the great defeat what has Sinn Fein actually achieved? Have they made any progress in regards to the ongoing occupation or have they put manners in to the PSNI?

Britian continues to do what it wants in its nearest colony, the PSNI continue to serve the interest of their masters and Sinn Fein can do nothing about it. They use peace as a justification but the false peace we live in and Stormont are doomed for failure as long as the occupation continues.

The sectarianism and politicking within Stormont has failed, the people deserve better. What is needed is the building of a genuine peoples movement built upon democracy and transparency, free from foreign influence, capitalists, the states collaborators and militia. The great defenders of peace, I think not!

Capitalism doesn’t work, Sectarianism doesn’t work, Stormont Isn’t Working

Anti Racism World Cup 2015


Every August for the last nine years anarchists, socialists, communists and other progressives from throughout Ireland, England, Scotland, Europe and as far as Palestine have descended on the Donegal Celtic in West Belfast for the annual Anti Racism World Cup.

The Anti Racism World Cup is an anti fascist, anti imperialist football tournament that also consists of political talks and concerts. It allows like minded thinkers and comrades from around the world to gather and interact with each other socially, building bonds, creating networks and building the international struggle.

For the last number of years I have attended the event but this year was the first year that I attended the events on all three days. For me this year was the largest that I had seen and despite other festivals clashing in Belfast the crowds still flocked to the event.

Organisers and the Green Brigade through Bethlehem to Belfast raised money to bring a delegation of Palestinians to Belfast to play in the tournament and also gave them the opportunity to experience Irish culture and games and give their account of the current political situation in Palestine.

I attended a talk on Saturday night on Republicanism in Lenadoon by Padraic Mac Coitir. Padraic discussed the republican history of the area right up to the present day and gave his opinion on some current affairs. This was followed by a night with the wakes who sang songs of struggle and political protest songs.

Today (Sunday) I attended a Poc Fada in Sarsfields GAA club. The delegation of Palestinians and other anti fascists from throughout Europe got the chance to experience first hand gaelic games and culture.

Credit needs to be given to the organisers of this great event. The Anti Racism World Cup remains a grassroots community festival that attracts people from around the country and the world. Although the events are entertaining politics remains the core of the three days and they have not been diluted like other local festivals that are bought off by sponsors, the state and serve the political interests of the constitutional nationalists.

I look forward to the event next year and I have no doubt that it will grow in number again.

Bigotfest 2015


Bigotfest 2015

Some people may try and pull the wool over our eyes and have us think that we no longer live in an orange state, that times have changed and we are now building a society based upon equality and mutual interest. For those of us who are struggling to survive in occupied Ireland, we know too well the orange state is alive and kicking and is still raising its ugly head.

Over the last number of weeks I have witnessed first hand the facilitation of loyalist and orange marches by the armed gunmen of the PSNI. Some of these parades were completely illegal, not lodged with the parades commission and allowed to walk through interfaces and in to nationalist areas, others were pushed through areas where they are unwelcome, in a manor of triumphalism and where other alternative routes are available.

I have seen bonfires built upon racism, sectarianism, hatred and bigotry. Thousands of images have been shown of flags and pictures being burnt but yet no one is convicted of hate crime. PSNI say evidence has been burnt, the loyalists say its culture.

Thousands of flags have been erected, many in interface and also nationalist areas, left to rot until the new batch arrives next year.

I was present at Ardoyne and watched masked loyalists chat and joke with the ‘community police’ within the PSNI before destroying their own areas. I watched as a leading member of the orange order ploughed into the crowd at Ardoyne shops, seriously injuring a young girl. The same man announced several weeks ago that the orange order would not assist the police in stewarding the 12th, paving the way for violence from the loyalist community. Despite attacks from loyalists and the orange order the Ardoyne community stood firm and would not lower itself to the level of bigots.

Over the last three years there has clearly been a huge reduction in violence coming from Ardoyne over the 12th period. This clearly strengthens the argument that with no parade there is no violence.

The question needs to be asked, what does the orange order actually bring to society? The orange order do nothing but heighten tensions, promote violence while talking out of either side of their mouth, they cosy up to loyalist death squads and use the protestant working class, they bring Belfast to a standstill, walk in areas they are not welcome and promote sectarianism, bigotry, racism, homophobia through their hatred for anything that is not protestant. The orange order is a male dominated, protestant only organisation supported by the false administrative government in Stormont and by the armed militia of the PSNI.

We all need to challenge the orange order and expose them for what they truly are. Fair play to GARC for showing leadership throughout the whole period in the Ardoyne area and helping to keep the place calm. With the support of the local community and the wider Republican community I have no doubt that GARC will see an end to orange marches past Ardoyne, one step at a time.

Glassmullin Green – A Playground for Thugs?


Glassmullin Green – A Playground for Thugs?

Several weeks ago I was met with the news that the development of an artificial pitch on Glassmullin green has been given the green light despite the wishes of the overwhelming majority of residents surrounding the open green space. Several days before Belfast City Council gave the go ahead dozens of residents and children held a short protest on the green to highlight that local people wanted the space to maintain in community ownership.

As news that the development was given the all clear the Baby Shinners went straight on the attack on social media, gloating that it was going ahead and verbally attacking those residents and supporters who stood by the wishes of local people. The local community have clearly been hurt by this decision but yet the Baby Shinners gloat, laugh and insult local residents. For an electoralist organisation that is some electoral strategy! Local SF councillors have been nowhere to be seen and they are elected to represent the views of local people, is this democracy? We all know that these reps don’t represent local interest but party interest, but we can sympathise as it is tow the party line or get the cut. We wouldn’t want to see any of them out of a job now!

The use of buzz words such as ‘investment’ were thrown about, investment is ensuring that local people get the most from local resources not taken away and locked out of them. Investment in this sense is a private enterprise for La Salle who will profit from taking away a local community resource and charge entrance for its own personal gain. It is a sensitive issue as we do want to see local schools develop but not at the expense of the residents who live in the area 24/7 and when there is alternative pitches less than five minutes away.

Some of the Baby Shinners had branded the green as a ‘playground for thugs’ after a stolen car was driven on to the pitch. Anti-social behaviour should never be tolerated and local residents don’t want stolen cars on their open green either. I spoke to a local resident who reported the car and said it was removed within the hour. Is the solution to tackling anti-social behaviour building an artificial pitch? Absolutely not. If Glassmullin is such a ‘hot spot’ for anti-social behaviour then a closed pitch is not the solution, this will merely move anti-social elements on to other peoples doorsteps. 

My experience in community development and from looking at the approved plans I believe that the development will actually fuel anti-social activity. The blind spots behind wired fences, the lanes with sheltered trees and shrubbery are ideal spots for crowds of youths to gather in large numbers and drink. We have created a space that the youths who gather in their hundreds in Finaghy Road North and Woodlands have been crying out for. We will be creating a space that will provide a gathering spot for hundreds of street drinkers as seen in Woodside last summer and the Waterworks in North Belfast.

Is the solution to anti-social behaviour the development of a 3G pitch? Will this tackle the underlying issues that result in anti-social behaviour such as poverty, lack of community ownership, low self esteem, community isolation and exclusion? Actually the development of this pitch will not tackle poverty, it will take away more ownership of local resource from the local community leaving more people feeling isolated and excluded. The end result will be that the green will turn in to a hot spot for anti-social elements and a playground for thugs and create an even bigger issue for local residents.

The solution is community empowerment and community ownership. Allow local residents to decide how the space should be used and dictate its own future. When we have ownership of something and have an input into its development we take pride in it and look after it. When people take that away from us we seek to be destructive.

Imperialism in our midst


Imperialism in our midst

Imperialism is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means. The primary purpose of which is economic control in one way or another. It is a feature of a developed capitalist state as it advances toward monopoly capitalism.

Decades ago, colonialism was the means by which the ‘great powers’ exerted their control – full scale occupation of a country and the imposition of a rule of law and an economic system, suited to the occupier. The sun, it was said, never set on the British Empire, as its imperialist ambitions stretched into every corner of the globe. Ireland knows only too well the suffering and pain as a result of ‘Empire’, for it saw the effects of cultural imperialism as well as economic.

Where have the empires gone?

Throughout the 1900’s native populations gradually rose up against the imposed order. Revolution could be found wherever there was empire. Native people’s sought to replace the previous system with one of their own – and this presented empire, not only with its demise, but with even greater opportunities. Geographic empire was replaced by economic empire. Thus was the advent of Neo-Colonialism – a new colonial model, where nation states were subjugated through their own economic system. No longer were huge armies required to shoot down the natives. Huge navies could be scaled down to the bare bones, maintaining enough for defensive purposes only. The locals would now impoverish themselves via an economy whose keys were held by Britain, the U.S and others, as colonialism advanced toward industrial, finance and banking capital.

This new form of Imperialism could be defined, or identified, through the extraction of capital from one country or an economic system to another.

Take modern day Greece or Ireland as a clear example, where the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Union (EU) have ‘invested’ billions into a ‘failing’ (in the capitalist “we’re not making money” sense) economy, with the intention of extracting far more than they invested. This allows the parasites through the IMF (a private company owned by a few individuals) to dictate to nation states like Greece, desired changes in economic policy, which would favour the business interests of those in charge of capital – i.e. pensions in Greece and the Water Tax in the ‘Republic’ of Ireland. A world economy, with local economic systems and governments acting as a middle management for capital control, imposing the diktats of capitalist enterprise on the populations of the world.

Class Imperialism

Setting global economics aside and looking at the smaller economic systems of any one state, the internal mechanisms begin to display similar characteristics – the upper business and capitalist classes rule the roost, with most of the management of the system devolved to the middle classes, imposing the rules of the system upon the rest of society with the primary aim of capital extraction from the lower and working classes.

It is high time we realised that the extreme majority of wealth creation, commodities and so forth, are made by us, the normal working people of the world. – And if we want liberation, all we have to do is change the management system.

No amount of shifting borders or replacing governments will change anything. Usurping one oppressive government for your own will maintain its oppressive character if it maintains the same economic principles.

True freedom can only be found when we replace the economic system with one that favours that of the majority – one that sends capital, not upward to a tiny enriched minority, but directly into the pockets of the masses. An economic system that’s democratic in nature and liberating in structure – Socialism.

Remember the Revolution of 2015?

Do you remember the revolution of 2015? Do you remember the general strike, the mass agitation and the united approach of communities and workers? No? Me either!

This is what I do remember. I remember the rallying call from the major trade unions to unite and fight against the cuts. I remember them attempting to organise in the working class communities that they have ignored and alienated for decades. Through the time of major conflict and oppression the unions stayed on the fence, not to get their hands dirty in what they would see as ‘sectarian conflict’. I remember being marched right up the hill and marched right down again!

Late last year I was sceptical of the unions in their approach to tackling the onslaught of cuts to our public services but I hoped that the unions were sincere in being a vanguard for revolution, organising the masses and begin to organise the fight against corporate greed and corrupt gangster politicians. Unfortunately my scepticism was correct.

The unions have massive amounts of resources at their disposal and also man power, at the drop of the hat they can organise and do it well. Very quickly they were able to launch a campaign against cuts across the British occupied territories in Ireland, running public talks in local areas (eventually after finally breaking the mould of city centre organising in Belfast), distributing thousands of leaflets in a short period of time, organising the public, community and voluntary sector and also pulling people in from various unions, groups, political parties and none.

I give the unions credit for all of the above and at the time I sensed that things may be changing, I thought that the unions had finally saw sense and had reignited their revolutionary spirits, that the state had went too far in attacking the working class and the union was throwing its weight behind the fight back.

For the first time in a while I had seen the re-politicisation of local working class people on this singular issue. I wrote at the time that I feared that the unions would mobilise people in local communities, rally them up and work toward the rally in Belfast city centre on March 13th and then that would be it. That is exactly what happened and despite the war cry on that day what has happened? This left people feeling demotivated, vulnerable and let down yet again by the unions.

I remember sitting in eírígí’s office for a public talk on building a resistance against austerity in late 2014, on that same night the unions held a similar talk at short notice in the city centre. This could have been a deliberate attempt to halt the growth of any radical movement aimed at tackling the cuts that the unions couldn’t control. By doing this the unions automatically split the camp and éirígí, despite running its own campaign, had nothing on the unions with its unlimited resources.

Where I see the difference is that if éirígí, or any other radical left wing organisation, had the power and resources that the unions had the revolution wouldn’t have ended on March 2015, they would have fought on and continued to mobilise, organise, protest and agitate at every opportunity and with every resource they had.

It appears to be that the unions are only prepared to push the state and its lackeys so far and then retreat before the state kicks back while at the same time trying to appease its membership by paying lip service to tackling cuts and organising tokenistic pickets and city centre rallies.

When was the last time a union leader put their neck on the line and got their hands dirty? What we need is the development and building of a radical trade union movement, one that organises on the floor of the workplace and in the heart of working class communities, a radical trade union that will be prepared to collectively work with other radical left wing political organisations (instead of Labour!). We need an organisation that will lead from the front like Larkin and Connolly and the ITGWU and the ICA, those who understand the struggles of poverty and exploitation and those who are prepared to fight, be gaoled and die for the cause of class struggle and the cause of Labour!

Without the power of the Industrial Union behind it, Democracy can only enter the State as the victim enters the gullet of the Serpent – James Connolly

The Landlord

From the absentee landlords of ‘An Gorta Mor’ to the modern day ‘entrepreneurs’, landlords have forever been the bane of Irish society.

The word ‘Landlord’ where I come from is a dirty word – in the circle’s I frequent, it’s up there with ‘tout’ and ‘drug-dealer’. Opinions vary of course on which is the dirtier.

And what is a landlord? Well a landlord is someone that, in the pursuit of profit, views a home (yours or mine) as a commodity – it is no longer a ‘home’ to them but instead has now become a ‘house’ – and there’s a crucial difference in the definition. But as a commodity, they view it as something which is to be bought and sold or rented as part of the free market.

One only needs to take a quick dander around Belfast, or any housing estate in Ireland or beyond, to see the extent to which landlords have completely over-run the housing market here. Every second house in some streets has a ‘To Let’ sign hanging decrepitly from its exterior.

Landlords do not exist as some sort of ‘service’. In as much as they are required (you know, if you need somewhere to live but can’t afford a mortgage?) this is only because the ‘free market’ has designed it as such – Private enterprise takes precedence over public ownership.

They are a business class with one motive – profit. Everything else is secondary. YOU are secondary. You are nothing more than an extension of that ‘commodity’ that they bought to rent out and make a few quid. And you are profitable.

And there are plenty of these scumbags in our midst; those that were once proud members of our community, those that wore the badge of ‘working class’ with pride, those same people who acquired ‘community jobs’ with big pay-packets and mortgages to boot. And where are they now?

Some were honest, they up and left for greener pastures. Some were less honest and still skulk and slime amongst us – the great pretenders, afraid to lose the ‘working-class’ label; even more afraid to lose the big bucks.

Believe it or not, landlords are not the problem (am I being too kind here?). They are a small extension of a whole class of people in our society who view everything as a potential source of capital – and that class is but one small extension of a very complicated system that enforces this as a societal norm.

There is a better way of doing things – we need to remove the profit motive from our economy – we need to stop thinking of ‘democracy’ in the sense that is peddled by the system that enslaves us, for it means so much more – and we need to move away from ‘democracy’ in political institutions. No amount of democracy in free market parliaments will help anyone – it’s high time we demanded a democratic economy. That is the only form of democracy that will truly set us free.

“We are out for Ireland for the Irish. But who are the Irish? Not the rack-renting, slum-owning landlord…”  –  James Connolly,


Baby Shinners and the Election Machine

Sinn Fein was a party that I once had a massive amount of respect for. It was a party that developed itself into an electoral machine and also played its part in developing one of the best revolutionary organisations in modern history. Unfortunately in recent years Sinn Fein has become more central in regards to its ideological outlook and has become solely interested in electoralism. This new found constitutional nationalism and the previous experience of the movement has helped develop Sinn Fein into a mighty electoral machine, opening the door for opportunists, careerists, businessmen and the middle classes. Sinn Fein now plays its part in the vicious cycle of republicanism and constitutionalism that has seen the rise and fall of Fine Gael in the 20s, Fianna Fail in the 30s and now Sinn Fein in the present. Ultimately Sinn Fein is doomed to be consumed by the status quo and as the old guard die out their once revolutionary spirit will fade away to a distant memory as they are replaced by the yuppies and the trendy baby Shinners.

Now I don’t really like criticising Sinn Fein for the sake of it as I don’t want to be seen as another Sinn Fein basher but recently I have become very critical of their actions in their pursuit for electoral success. I have also stated before that I give credit when it is due but recently all I have seen from Sinn Fein is hypocrisy.

As the British Westminster elections draw near Sinn Fein are pulling out all the stops in West Belfast. The area is a stronghold for them but with the unexpected success of Gerry Carroll in the council election last year and his active campaigning team in this election it is clear that Sinn Fein are worried. As a result they have plastered West Belfast in green, hundreds of Sinn Fein and Paul Maskey posters, giant billboards and they have even let the baby Shinners within Sinn Fein Republican Youth loose.

We all know the baby Shinners. We see them marching as toy soldiers at Easter, on social media spouting an Ireland of Equals but demonising any dissenter, campaigning against Tory cuts while their own party leadership facilitates those very cuts via the Stormont Agreement and they protest in Solidarity with Basque political prisoners while ignoring the fact that Republican political prisoners lie in a British Gaol less than 30 miles away! We all know who these baby Shinners are and what they are good for.

With paint brush in hand the baby Shinners are dispatched to paint slogans on walls and spread rumours. They rip down the oppositions posters and destroy their electoral property. They are let loose on social media to spread lies and to try and belittle their political opponents. From this I no longer see a revolutionary organisation but a group of baby opportunists and careerists involved in machoism and acts that are reminiscent of fascism and no doubt these kids will be the future leadership of Sinn Fein in Belfast.


It might be understandable if these kids were protecting the revolution or advancing the cause but they are ensuring any opposition does not stand a chance. There is no doubt that Sinn Fein is a massive organisation with huge amounts of resources and a mighty electoral machine but why does it fear a small party and feel the need to throw everything it has at that small party and pull out all the dirty stops and tricks? Do they think that their stronghold is on the verge of collapse?

This is all in the defence of Paul Maskey. Paul spouts left wing politics now and again but he is nothing but an opportunist and careerist. I don’t know a left wing radical that would scab on his fellow workers like Paul Maskey did in a local Belfast firm several years ago.

I look forward to the baby Shinners attacking me in defence of their glorious leadership but I hope that they will stop their silly, childish actions and fight a fair fight. One day they might see some sense but it is probably more likely they will end up in nice cosy jobs courtesy of the ‘Republican Movement’.