The Disgruntled Dissident

The middle aged disgruntled dissident, a delinquent hell bent on destroying anything that is good. An anti-community element, cop hater and Sinn Fein basher. He is unwilling to change with the times and is stuck in the past. A supporter of militant armed republicanism with a narrow nationalist mind set. The disgruntled dissident can be seen in the darkness of night calling the cops with another elaborate hoax or leaving a crude but viable device in the form of a lynx can attached with fire work outside our local schools. The ranks of the dissidents are filled with touts and highly infiltrated by MI5.

It is hard to believe that these people live among us within our community. The disgruntled dissident is a myth, drawn up by the media, the spooks and the constitutionalists to demonise any of us who are opposed to the status quo, the state and the institutions of capitalism, imperialism and occupation. Those who do seek to create a different and new Ireland are put in the one box, they are all the same head bangers, and they are all tarred with the one brush. Within the dissident camp there are many different organisations and individuals with many different views and methods. Republican dissidents cover the whole political spectrum so it is impossible to put them all under the one umbrella like the media do.

BUT…. The question needs to be ask…. Is being a dissenter really a bad thing?

The official Oxford definition of a dissident is a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state. With this definition in mind being a dissident sounds like a good thing, those who resist authoritarianism and occupation.

For me personally, I have been labelled a dissident on a fairly regular basis. Originally I seen it as an insult and something to be ashamed about, now I see it as a badge of honour. I am proud to stand in opposition to all that is wrong in our society.

I want to see an Ireland built upon equality and public ownership, one that is free from corruption and the people decide their own destiny’s. An Ireland where the natural resources are invested back into the state in the interest of the nation’s citizens and not that of multinational corporations. I would like to see an end to war and division whether that be the Brits and their death squads patrolling our streets, civil war, internal divisions and sectarian divides. A state that truly looks after the interests of its people, free education from child care to university and a free health care system. A home for every family and a job for all able citizens.

The means that I believe this can be achieved is not at the barrel of a gun. Through politicization and mobilisation of our class we can achieve great things. By organising as a class and exposing the state for what it is we can gradually remove the power that they hold within our communities. An organised community is strong, let’s begin to build the Republic.

If this makes me a knuckle dragger then I am proud to be a DISGRUNTLED DISSIDENT!!!