The intention of this blog is to write about day to day things within our community, local issues, the Irish language, day to day life, history global news and the promotion of Marxism and anti-imperialism.

The blog consists of two writers who use the pen name Karl and Lenin. We are political, community and trade union activists. We welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to the blog to contact us via email at belfastmarxist@gmail.com

So who we? We the exploited worker, the discriminated immigrant, the gay who is unable to give blood, the single mother struggling to put food on the table, the pensioner who cant heat their home, the tradesman who cant find work, the student struggling to pay fees, the child brought up in an unjust world, the harassed political activist and the list goes on. We are all of these things because we are the working class, we use this platform to represent working class opinion and our allegiance is to serve the working class and the advancement of Marxism.


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