Several years I go I traveled to Rossport with several friends and comrades. The purpose of this journey was to support and show solidarity with the Shell to Sea campaign. Many different campaigners from all around the country and internationally have supported this campaign and its direct actions, lobbying, boycotts, public talks etc.

The Shell to Sea campaign was formed as a result of the sell off of Irelands precious and valuable natural resources, its oil and gas reserve on the West coast of Ireland. These resources have been sold by corrupt politicians at the expense of the nation and the local community.

The hundreds of billions that the oil and gas is worth would of been best being nationalised and used in the interest of the people, rather than for the interest of big business and Shell.

In order to ensure Shells carve up of Rossports natural environment to build its land to sea pipeline the hired private firms for security, to beat the opposition, to bribe locals and to sabotage the campaign and try and turn the local community against each other.

The steadfast, determination and resistance that the Shell to Sea campaign has shown over the years has been amazing and inspiring. It is a real life David and Goliath situation.


I see a lot of similar issues and concerns in Glassmullan and the development on Glassmullan Green and Rossport and Shell, obviously on a much smaller and local scale.

Several weeks ago I met with representatives of the Save Glassmullan Green campaign. It was humbling to get an inside look to the campaign and listen to the concerns of local residents.

Like Rossport the residents of Glassmullan are seeing the sell off of natural space against the interests of the local community. Glassmullan residents have been consistently let down by politicians, the city council and other local authorities.

The sell off and development of Glassmullan Green would mean losing one of our last remaining open green spaces. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that we support the local Save Glassmullan Green campaign just like we support that of the the national Shell to Sea campaign.