Traditionally and historically when the state is put under pressure and pushed in to a corner it kicks back. The state and the political elites do not like to see change, the mass mobilisation of the people or anything that may challenge the status quo.

Throughout history we have consistently seen the arms of the state fail in their pursuit to suppress any mass mobilisation and resistance. We have seen it with the American Civil Rights Movement, The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement, the anti war campaigns in Britain and the USA, the LGBT movement and the popular social movements in the Basque country.

In Ireland we have recently seen the mass mobilisation in resistance of the water tax. The water tax has resulted in the emergence of a popular movement of people who have simply had enough of austerity and have decided to collectively come together within their communities and fight back.

Over the last number of days the Blue Shirts have flexed their muscles under the direction of the state and have arrested eight water tax protesters for the ‘false imprisonment’ of Joan Burton. This is in relation to a legitimate protest when Joan Burton’s car was blockaded by protesters for several hours.

This was clearly orchestrated and an attempt to crush and spread fear within the water tax movement. The reality is that this has only made the people stronger and history has shown us that when the state kicks the people kick even harder!


The Irish people are beginning to get on to their feet and regain their confidence after years of austerity, political apathy and demotivation. We are beginning to realise that as a class and a people we are strong and that the state should be the servants of the masses and not the elites. This attempt to make an example of political activists will only result in more people collectively coming together, change is inevitable and this is what the state fear.

In the North things will become very bleak and very fast with the Stormont Agreement and we need to take inspiration from those in the Free State in the organisation of a mass social movement to smash the states both North and South.

We are the people and we shall overcome!