Over the last number of years we have seen the phasing in of cuts to essential elements and services in working class communities and the implementation of right wing policies by the Tories, Labour, Stormont and the Free State government. To date their has been very little resistance by the communities who have been most affected. I believe that there are several factors that have resulted in the lack of appetite for resistance such as the de-politicization of our community, the phasing in of cuts, a lack of leadership within our community and organisations unwilling to act out against those who are funding them in fear of losing all funding. Another would be lot a lot of people may be apathetic or demotivated due to putting a lot of time, energy and resources in to movements of the past that ultimately failed following a betrayal of those in authority and leadership.

The coming cuts that will be delivered by our politicians in Stormont will have a massive impact upon our community. Things will begin to go down hill very rapidly with this latest round of Stormont cuts. Everyone throughout the whole of the six counties will be affected by the cuts in one way or another.  Some of the areas that will be hit hardest include Health, Education, Employment, Benefits and other essential services within the voluntary and community sector.

These sectors over the last few months have felt the squeeze. The voluntary sector has already seen cuts to funding, job losses and face an uncertainty around funding in the future. Local community organisations are, like all other essential services, an essential component within our community.

Secondary level students face an uncertainty over university fees and available places. We have already seen the results of cuts within our health service with the A&E department being constantly pushed to breaking point. How long before we see yet another crisis at the Royal?

Very soon all our politicians and political partys that participate in Stormonts puppet government will introduce a budget that will serve the interests of big business, corrupt politicians, the ruling class and the bankers. It was these people who created poverty and recession, why should we be the one who feel the pinch, told to tighten our belt and pay for the faults and debts of the rich? It was them who got us in to this mess, let them clean it up.

It doesn’t need to be this way. The power lies with the working class, we are the majority. We need to mobilise within our communities as a collective body and we need to build the resistance. We can only be squeezed for so long before something gives and we kick back. We need to get our confidence back and realise that as a collective we can make change and we can stop the cuts. Collectively we can share resources, support each other, help out our neighbours and ultimately fight back.

Instead of cuts we need investment. Only then can we begin so see our communities begin to recover. We need to see a change of system and the fair distribution of wealth.

I feel that the tide is turning but we need to begin organising within our own communities and working toward the mass mobilisation of our class.