The New Year is always a time of reflection analysis and planning for the year ahead.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has took time to read my ramblings over the last number of months and especially those who have contributed to the blog. I set up this blog mid way through the year and did not expect it to be as popular as what it has become. By being anonymous I have been unable to promote this blog via friends etc so all the interest that has came has been organic and the fact that my writings has reached thousands of people throughout the world has been amazing. My postings have attracted the interest of people in Palestine, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the USA among many others. The fact that my blog has had such a wide organic reach has been humbling and somewhat inspiring.

For me the main events of the year have been the council election campaigns, the Palestine protests, the Scottish referendum and the Water Tax campaign in the Free State.

The election campaigns across Belfast and throughout the whole island were very interesting. In Belfast we seen a variety of organisations on the left and providing and an alternative to the failed politics of the status quo running for council. We seen these people getting thousands of votes across the board and despite many of them not being elected it showed that there is appetite for radical left wing politics, that people are unhappy with the failed politics of the past and that there is a mandate for the left to move forward and to build upon.

The Palestine protests and the direct actions carried out in solidarity with the people of Palestine saw thousands come to the street in an organised fashion. The campaign separated those who pay lip service to the Palestinian cause and those who are genuine.

To say that I was disappointed by the Scottish referendum result would be an understatement. I had real optimism that Scotland would achieve its independence and break the shackles of England and its imperialism. Although I had no hope that the SNP would deliver the change necessary for the workers of Scotland, independence could have been the start of the development of a new prosperous Scotland. Despite losing the referendum the campaign mobilized hundreds of thousands of workers and brought politics back in to daily life. I believe that this will continue and that within my lifetime Scotland will achieve freedom.

The Water Tax campaign in the Free State has been a real grass roots mass movement. It is inspiring to see communities right across the country organise collectively in opposition to a corrupt Free State government intent on selling off all our countries natural resources that belong to the people not them. The campaign has consisted of all walks of life and political backgrounds and united under the one banner, something that we could take inspiration from in our opposition to the regime in Stormont.

The events of this year has shown that the tide is turning, albeit slowly and  I have every confidence that in the year ahead we will continue to grow, organise, mobilise and agitate.

As I move in to 2015 I plan to continue with what I have always done and that is to organise and to work within my own community and to try and empower and help those who are economically disadvantaged. I want to enhance my Irish language skills and I plan to contribute a lot more to this blog that I have somewhat neglected as of late.

I send comradely and revolutionary greetings to all my readers and I hope you all have a prosperous new year.