I have been thinking about expanding Belfast Marxist to consist of other left wing writers from different political parties, trade unions, community groups, independents etc.

In doing so we will not only expand our reach in the promotion of Marxism but also give the reader a wide variety of skills, experience, expertise and specialist subjects that the writer will bring. More writers will mean that the blog will become more consistent, interesting and cover a wide variety of areas and interests.

Anyone who decides to be a writer on the blog will remain anonymous and choose a pseudonym. The purpose of this is to allow the writer to write freely without being accountable to any organisation. It will also break down some bias that the writer may have and also bias the reader will have if they aligned the reader to a certain organisation. Being anonymous allows the reader to be critical and write freely and independently.

I am also considering allowing guest writers to send pieces in to the blog or showing articles from various organisations. These wont be anonymous and will appear as the guest writers name and/or the organisation that they represent.

At the moment this is only an idea so I will really appreciate any ideas and feedback. If anyone is interested in being a writer, a guest writer or in submitting articles on behalf of an organisation they can do so by emailing me on belfastmarxist@gmail.com .

What do you think?