I caught myself on the other day that my phone never leaves my hand. If I am not on my phone I am either on a tablet, laptop or watching shite on TV. The first thing I do in the morning is get up and check social media and its the last thing I do before going to bed. I don’t know how I have fallen in to this rut but this has been going on for some time, possibly even years! I know that I am not alone as I see people in meetings who cant put their phone away for an hour without having it touch their hand, I see people with their face in these devices walking down the street and I see couples out for a romantic dinner checking their phones to see what everyone else is doing in the world. It would be interesting to see the statistics on how many people have walked in to lamp posts due to phone misuse.

These things are also bad for us. They are used by the Capitalists to keep the masses dumb, to consume or to brainwash them into a certain thought or political opinion to suit the Capitalist. In this respect it is an invaluable part of the machine to control the masses. The information given out can oust politicians and even governments, it can cause war and it dictates the masses. When we remove this then we become free thinking humans who decide our own destinies without interference.

For the political activist they are used as tracking devices and bugging devices to monitor their movements, listen to and to entrap them. These are clear breaches of human rights but are reality.

I know personally that modern technology is invaluable in terms of my work, social activities and keeping up to date with whats going on around the world but there is a point when it is too much and we get consumed by apps, consumerism and what others are doing. It has got to the point that I would freak out if I didn’t know where my phone was.

I have came to the decision that I am going to use all these things as little as possible and only when necessary. The reason being that there are more important things in life. Yes I will still use my phone or watch TV but now I will be focusing a lot more time on going a walk or run, reading books, cooking a nice meal, building real relationships and spending more time with friends in the real world and being the best human being that I could be in this world.

So I have been clean from technology overuse for several days and it feels great. When we put all these things aside there is so much more time to spend doing things that make us feel better and make us better individuals. I hope I stick to my word and don’t go back to my old ways but time will tell. I know that I am not the only technology junkie and I would recommend anyone to cut down even if its only putting your phone away for an hour a day and doing something productive instead.

Ill be sending this via Twitter shortly 🙂