Since the establishment of this blog I have heard speculation in different political and social circles and also on social media as to who Belfast Marxist is. I have found it humorous seeing people guess as to who this anonymous blogger is or what political party they belong to, none of which have came remotely close.

Some examples as to who Belfast Marxist is have included being a local gay rights campaigner to being a member of a variety of local political parties. I have enjoyed some of these guesses and the insight and honest reviews I have received for the blog. Several times I have heard first hand that a friend of a friend has said that Belfast Marxist is such and such and he knows who they are. The fact is no one knows who Belfast Marxist is and how do I know this? I know that nobody knows who I am because I haven’t told a single soul so everyone has been wrong so far :).

So who am I? I am the exploited worker, the discriminated immigrant, the gay who is unable to give blood, the single mother struggling to put food on the table, the pensioner who cant heat their home, the tradesman who cant find work, the student struggling to pay fees, the child brought up in an unjust world, the harassed political activist and the list goes on. I am all of these things because I am the working class, I use this platform to represent working class opinion and my allegiance is to serve the working class and the advancement of Marxism.

My allegiance is solely to this cause, not to any single political party, organisation, trade union or community group. These are merely vehicles used to deliver the change needed in society, albeit these are necessary in our communities to deliver that change.

So for now you can keep guessing as to who Belfast Marxist is, I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing more reviews and guesses.

Bain sult a ó Belfast Marxist!