As the referendum on Scottish independence draws near I am met with excitement of the opportunities and possibilities that are ahead for the people of Scotland. Scotland has the opportunity to choose to be free and independent, something that has been denied to the people of Ireland for over 800 years. Like Ireland, Scotland has suffered at the hands of English imperialism, exploitation, murder, poverty, raped of its natural resources and its people used as canon fodder for the conquest of British Imperialism around the globe.

With the YES campaign ploughing ahead and gaining more support it is clear that their is panic in the NO camp. This was evident when the English MPs Cameron and Miliband among others got involved and came to Scotland to tell the Scots how they should vote. Cameron spent his time in the financial district speaking to the business class about the importance in staying part of the Union. It appears to be a case of the elite and the great and the good telling the working masses what is the best option for them and what they should do.

There have been many tactics deployed by the elites and scaremongering to try and dissuade the masses from voting yes. The economic insecurity is one example that has been constantly used. The fact is that Scotland has one of the biggest oil reserves in Western Europe. Galloway said that the oil will eventually run out which is true but there are many countries that don’t have oil and are very wealthy. Because Scotland does have oil it gives them a major benefit in the establishment of a new independent state.

At the moment all major decisions for Scotland are dictated by Westminister. The profit from the countries resources go to London before they decide what should be given back in the budget. England is a warmongering nation that seeks to exploit countries around the world for its own selfish capitalist interests. As a result they have built nuclear weapons and these unpredictable weapons of mass destruction are stored on Scottish land and sea space. The poverty that is strife throughout Scotland is a direct result of capitalism and Westministers capitalist policies in regards to trade, taxation and banking.

An independent Scotland will mean that the people of Scotland for the first time in 300 years will be able to control their own destinies and shape its own future without being dictated from London. Scotland can chose to live in a nation of peace and not one that develops weapons of mass destruction. The profits from Scottish resources and the money gained through taxes will go back in to Scotland and making it a better place rather than going to a foreign nation to decide what to do with it.

These are only but a few reasons why Scotland should vote yes and for me independence should only be the beginning. As the great Scottish socialist and Irish revolutionary leader James Connolly said that “if you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through her whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs”. Our brothers and sisters in Scotland should take note of this and if independence is achieved we should continue to fight for social and economic independence, for a Scotland that cherishes all the children of the nation equally, a nation whose people benefit from the nations wealth and resources and whose people are given a fair chance in life and are given the real fruits of their labor. A truly free Scotland, a Socialist Scotland.