I know I have written several blogs giving éirígí a lot of credit for the recent Palestine protests. I don’t want to seem bias or as a supporter of éirígí but I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

As I predicted the popularity of Palestine has been put to the back burner and as a result the frequency and consistency of the protests have almost halted. To my delight I have seen that éirígí has organised yet another protest at Sainsbury’s next week as part of their campaign to get local stores to refuse to stock and sell Zionist produce. éirígí has been the most active organisation in regards to Palestine in recent months and don’t seem concerned about the popularity of Palestine as they continue to try and keep up the momentum and step up their campaign. They are clearly determined to see this to the end and all credit needs to be given to them for this.

Even prior to the recent conflict in Gaza éirígí had organised a vigil at the International Wall to highlight the issue of the Palestinian prisoners who embarked on hunger strike. They stand in genuine solidarity with the Palestinian people and continue to do what they can here in Ireland for their cause.

Some parties have a lot to answer for in regards to Palestine. It was OK to jump on the bandwagon when Palestine was popular but the siege has barely ended and some people seem to have forgotten the conflict, genocide and war crimes. It appears that Palestinian solidarity protests were a mere PR exercise for several organisations.

The fact that a relatively small organisation such as éirígí who does not enjoy mass support and vast amounts of resources such as other parties and still devotes itself to fight injustices not just here at home but around the world is remarkable and they deserve a lot of credit and respect for it.

I hope éirígí succeed in getting the removal of Zionist products from local stores and I will be glad to join them at their protest next Saturday. Everyone who has any interest in freedom and human rights regardless if they support éirígí or not should make their best effort to attend this and show that our comrades in Palestine have not been forgotten.