Last week George Galloway was assaulted as he walked down a London street and stopped to get a picture taken with a couple of admirers. Galloway fell to the ground and was kicked and punched for several minutes by a Zionist wearing and Israel Defence Force T-Shirt.

It is apparent that he was targeted for his position and support for the Palestinian people, something that he is open about and not ashamed of. The fact that he was a victim of such a vicious assault due to his humanitarian support for Palestine and the right of independence is nothing short of fascism. This is Zionism in its true form. It might be something new to Britain but there are victims of Zionism being beat, tortured, detained and killed every day in Palestine.

Galloway stated in an interview following his attack that if it had of been a Tory or a pro-Zionist MP attacked on the streets of London by a Muslim that it would have been treated as a more serious matter and the attacker would more then likely be charged with terrorism offences. This just shows who’s side the British state is on (not that we didn’t already know).

Islamopobia is strife in our community and is something that is stirred up by the media and the government. This has just brought to light the obvious double standards in the Palestine conflict when it comes to the stance of the main stream media and the establishment.

Nobody should be attacked due to their own political opinion and as I said before it is nothing short of fascism and supremacism. How far will the Zionists be able to go before governments will stop turning a blind eye to their crimes? If they can commit war crimes and genocide in Palestine and attack a British MP in his own country then who knows what else they can get away with (and I know there is a longer list than this).

I wish George Galloway a speedy recovery and I know this wont deter him from his outspoken support for Palestine and his opposition to the Zionist regime.