As the conflict and genocide by the Zionist regime is no longer continually making headline news it is essential that local communities, political organisations and parties continue with their protests, boycotts and actions. Every person has their part to play and if the bombs and bullets do stop we need to continue to hit the Zionists the best way we can from this end of the world and that is in their pockets.

The trade unions have a lot to answer for but it is never to late for them to mobilize workers. They have yet to be seen in local stores encouraging workers to refuse to stock Israeli produce and providing the workers with union backing. The power in the workplace always lies with the workers but if unions are not present to support or guide these actions will be in vain and will result in disciplinary action for staff. I am certain that the overwhelming majority of workers who work in large stores who stock Israeli products would be happy to refuse to stock the shelves with them. This is yet again an example of the major unions afraid to push the boundaries and come into conflict with the status quo. Has the unions even discussed the possibility of workers joining the boycott? I am sure not and this is total misrepresentation of the work force.

In this regards I think that a debate or discussion needs to happen about what is the role of the trade unions in our society and is their a need for an alternative or even a new union.

In regards to all the political parties I think they could all be doing more and need to keep up the momentum.

éirígí is on a roll with its continued protests at Sainsburys and Asda and this needs to continue. Pressure needs to be continually put on these stores until the products are removed. We should not settle for anything short of this.

Gerry Carroll and People Before Profit have organised several large protests in the city centre in solidarity with Gaza which is all very good but we need to continue to come up with new ideas to push the boycott and to get large businesses to comply with the boycott.

Sinn Fein have held several protests but this is nothing compared to what they are capable of and appears to be mere tokenism and tick boxing exercises as their allegiance is now with the political elites and their cosy allies abroad. Not to mention their continued support for Caterpillar. I have been waiting almost two months for a SF political member or rep to get back to me in regards to their current position on Caterpillar. They have obviously all been told to avoid the topic. I have been very disappointed with SF as they have not shown any solidarity among local groups who have organised protests that have seen representation from every other political organisation.

I read in this weeks Andytown News that the Official Republican Movement support the protests in Ireland and gave their analysis. This made me laugh as I don’t know what the ORM do and I have yet to see them involved in anything. Despite this if they don’t have the capability to organise their own events or protests the should encourage members and supporters to join others and I am sure they will be welcome.

As the mainstream popularity towards Gaza starts to die out we need to ensure that we don’t forget our comrades fighting and civilians that are dying and ensure that the pressure is maintained. Inevitably protests will die down in numbers but if this means local groups working together even on this one issue then so be it. History has shown us that the Zionists will not stop their aggression, slaughter and genocide in Palestine and they will not be content until every Palestinian is wiped out. Are we going to stand by and let this happen? We will continue to push companies until the boycott is water tight.

Palestine abú