Yesterday I attended the protest at Sainsbury’s organised by éirígí to demand the removal of zionist products from the local supermarket giant. This was éirígís second protest at the supermarket and they are the first group to take the boycott protests to the next level as they took action and went into the store.
People gathered in large numbers outside the front doors for the protest before being addressed by Padraic MacCoitir who gave an inspiring speech. He put into historical context the protests so far and the need to step up the protests and the need to carry out action. He then encouraged the crowd to move in to Sainsbury’s where we would be removing the Israeli products from the shelves. You could see the excitement on everyone’s faces as people knew that this was breaking new ground with the boycott and eventually taking it that extra step.
It was a great demonstration of collective people power. As the crowd moved in store the security team had no option but to stand aside and look on. This included the bossman who had no power as the crowds of people began to remove the zionist products from the shelves and gather them on the stores floor. One could only imagine the anger and frustration the boss must of felt as he watched on powerlessly.
Sainsbury’s was brought to a standstill as crowds of activists scanned shelves for various products. It is the biggest display of direct action that I have seen in West Belfast in several years and I hope that the goods removed from the shelves stay that way.
As people gathered at the front of store with all the zionist products the crowd was yet again addressed by both MacCoitir and Gerry Carroll with rousing speeches and in another act of solidarity between the two individuals and groups for that matter.
Yet again éirígí has broken the mold a brought these protests to a new level. I hope that Sainsbury’s now join the boycott and more importantly I hope that everyone follows suit and begins to take action against any store who refuses to boycott the zionists and continues to fund the occupation and the genocide.

Keep up the good work!!!