It might of been a miserable day in Belfast but it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the Gay Pride rally.
The rally was very impressive with lots of vibrancy. The gay community here is one that is flourishing despite being discriminated by some bigots within our community and by the state.
Someone stated the other day that “there has never been a better time to be LGBT in Ireland”. This is a statement that I will have to disagree with. As I took part in yesterdays rally I was reminded how backward certain sections of our community are as we approached the city hall. The usual flag protesters where joined by a crowd of religious fanatics protesting at the Pride event. It baffles me why these people feel the need to go out of their way on a lashing afternoon to stand at the city hall and spread their hatred accompanied by other bigots. If they are offended by the gay community then they should stay at home.
This bigotry goes to the highest levels in our society. Health minister Poots is opposed to gays donating blood as it is apparently contaminated. What planet do these people live on and how do they get into these positions! I know that if I am lying sick in a hospital bed that I don’t care where the blood comes from.
The gay community still has a long battle ahead of it as they suffer discrimination on a daily basis in society, in the workplace and in government but it is a fight that will have the overwhelming support of our community.
Despite this Pride was a success and it was a pleasure to be apart of pride this year and to be among so many people who are proud of who they are and willing to share this with the world. We are truely privileged to have such people apart of our community.