I attended a protest tonight at Asda to demand the removal of Israeli goods from the store. All the major supermarkets in West Belfast have continued to stock products that are either from stolen land in Palestine by the Zionists or by those who directly fund or sponsor the Zionist occupation forces.
The protests locally are definitely starting to pick up speed and they are growing in number and frequency. This is obviously a positive development and will hopefully be putting pressure on these supermarket giants. If local people succeed in getting these products removed it will be a massive victory and it is a realistic task.
The speakers tonight included Padraic MacCoitir of éirígí and local councillor Gerry Carroll from People Before Profit who both spoke very well and gave a good analysis of what has been going on so far and what needs to happen as the boycott protests continue and develop.
Both PBP and éirígí brought good numbers to the protest with them which demonstrated a great act of solidarity and unity. It was refreshing to see two people who stood in opposition to each other in the latest local election and who share two different political outlooks, share the same platform. Other organisations need to take note of this and begin to try and pull everyone together for these demonstrations and protests.
I was disappointed not to see anyone from RNU or SF.
I think I gave RNU discredit in my last post. They have been doing a lot in regards to organising their own protests and participating in the protests in the city centre. They have organised in North Belfast with a banner dropped on New Lodge flats and white line pickets. This has also been organised in the West. But we do now need to move forward with a united approach rather than just isolated protests.
SF organised their own protest last night which in fairness was well attended but I reiterate what I said previously in saying that isolated protests are not good enough and they need to weigh in to all protests if they are genuinely sincere and not only concerned with their own organisation. After all this is about Palestine! I don’t want to be seen as constantly criticising SF as it is not what I am about. I hate people who just constantly criticise one organisation or ‘SF bashers’ and I give credit where credit is due but SF are doing themselves no favors. I am still waiting for a reply from SF on their current position on Caterpillar and if they will be withdrawing their support. One can only hope!
There was a third speaker from one of the unions but I didn’t get his name. It was great to see the unions taking a platform for once in local areas. Although I seem a bit critical I really do think this is great and I hope that their interest and participation in local protests continues.
The boycott is having a major impact for the Zionist occupation forces and it is one of the most useful things we can do for the Palestinian cause at this moment. When you are doing your local shop remember to check the bar code or the products origin. Also note that not all products might be from Israel but might be organisations that support and sponsor the Zionists such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

Intensify the Boycott!!! Free Palestine!!!