Today is a beautiful day in Belfast so I decided to take a stroll into town and around the city centre. Not long after arriving in the town I was met by the sight of a pro-‘life’ rally full of religious fanatics trying to ram their views down everyone’s throat.
Now I am all for tolerance and being open minded to other opinions but the issue of abortion is a very sensitive matter and I find it very insensitive to protest or rally on the issue of pro-life rather than hold productive debates or discussions. I wonder how a female who had to go through an abortion would have felt seeing that rally today.
We all know the debates for and against abortion. My opinion is in favor. The way the pro-life campaign conduct themselves is absolutely ridiculous. They protest outside clinics and hurl abuse at already emotional women. Nobody wants to get an abortion, it isn’t an easy choice and it certainly isn’t a form of contraception. The mother surely is the best placed individual to decide what is right for an unborn child.
I believe that it should be up for the individual to decide what is the best decision without influence of the state, the church or other institutions.
Those in opposition to abortion claim that they are pro-life but what about the standard of life to a baby that is born into poverty with parents who have various issues, growing up in a life of neglect, crime and developing their own issues. This is just but one scenario but it is a realistic one. A pro-lifer might come back and say adopt but what about the wide range of issues that involve adoption or fostering.
It would be great to live in a state that provided free terminations, advice, family planning and contraceptives. It would be great to live in a state where a female wouldn’t have to fear to fall pregnant in fear of not being able to provide for the child, losing her career, being alone or demonised. A woman should have the right to decide what she wants with her reproductive organs. Who are we to judge????
In the mean time I hope the pro-lifers stay in church on the sunny days and give us some peace :).