Recently I have been thinking about the food that we consume within a capitalist society.

Whenever I do my weekly shop in a local supermarket I tend to buy proper food instead of a load of junk. By proper food I mean whole foods and meat such as fruit, vegetables and raw meat. Things that I can clearly see are natural and not processed. It was only recently I realised that when I took a pack of chicken fillets out of the fridge that I had been duped. Instead of buying 100% chicken the chicken that I thought was the real deal contained milk, water, whitening and various other chemicals. The chicken was probably also kept in a cage with thousands of other chickens with no feathers etc. We have all seen the images.

The point that I am getting at that in a capitalist society food is another profit making tool. As such the capitalist uses any means necessary to get the cheapest product and get the most out of it. Even the vegetables now are genetically modified.

I am fortunate enough to be able to afford to buy what I thought was proper food. But even I am being ripped off. Those who are not as well of as me, and believe me I am skint, have to resort to all the ‘basic’ range with very poor quality food and poor nutritional value.

If you go to your local convenience store we are bombarded with sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks. Very little fruit, veg and meat. Even when we go to larger supermarkets 90% of the store is filled with these shitty foods.

With all this crap that we consume the state wonders why there is an overweight population, an obesity crisis and really all round bad health. We look at our young who sit around all day, watch tv, play video games and eat junk food (although that is a topic for another day).

If we lived in a communist society we would be able to walk in to a shopping centre and get affordable real high quality food that we don’t have to worry about being pumped with all sorts of chemicals so that the producers can make the biggest profit possible at the cheapest possible production price.

In the meantime I suggest paying that little extra (if you can afford it) and go to a local butcher or green grocer. Not only will you be supporting local businesses but you will be getting the real deal when it comes to good food.