At the moment of writing the British queen is touring her colony in Ireland. As she is wined and dined at the cost of millions of pounds thousands struggle to put food on their table.

As a marxist I am opposed to any form of monarchy and therefore I am Republican. As I watch the news brief and watch Martin McGuinness walk with the British queen and have private meetings it makes me think. Is McGuinness not suppose to be a Republican? If this was 18th century France this kind of act would be seen as collaboration. What has changed? The reality is that nothing has changed and the ‘peace process’ and ‘reconcilation’ are terms used to justify these acts. The fact is that this colony still is a colony and that thousands live in poverty, struggle to find work and die as a result of a system that finds it beneficial to have a constitutional monarchy as head of state. McGuinness is no more a Republican now a days than Paisley.

Those who oppose such an engagement are branded as knuckle draggers or living in the past. But there is nothing more outdated than a constitutional monarchy. Why should an unelected body be given so much privilege? Of course it is because they are chosen by almighty god.

The British monarchy are soaked in blood. In Ireland they have tortured, exiled and slaughtered millions for centuries. The current British queen is head of the British Armed Forces who are responsible for war crimes all over the world.

Instead of spending millions on a old wrinkly woman with no purpose other than symbolism I think that money should be pumped into public services, health, youth, employment and education. But I suppose I am just a knuckle dragger.